March 14 show in Pittsburgh. First complaint, not actually in
Pittsburgh. In the "Beaver" County Community College in some godforsaken
place. Took forever to get there. But, passed a store named "Gay's True
Value." Anyway, here set from what I remember, maybe not in this order.
1. Seas of Cheese
2. Kalamazoo
3. Duchess
4. Tommy the Cat
5. Puppies
6. Groundhog
7. My Name Is Mud
8. Fisticuffs
9. Over The Falls
10. Weird song with Brain and a DJ, then Les.
11. Jerry

Maybe a few more, can't remember. They put on a very good show. Seems
like they do a lot of jamming on stage. Only complaint, not long enough.
Well, and the pit was extremely weak. Most of those fans were there to
see the other crap bands. In my opinion, I won't go see another tour
like this, unless Primus is headlining, or I like the other bands. Only
worth the 22 bucks because I've been waiting for 6 years to see them.
Sno-core sucks, pretty much.