This place looked like a giant tit, it was completely round and dome shaped.
Kind of a wierd joint, they just put the stage off to one side in the middle
of the floor.  Rochester is in the middle of nowhere in NY, and this place
was in the middle of nowhere in Rochester, but there was a pretty good sized
crowd.  This was Les' first show with his foot cast off and he proudly
danced around the stage as only he can to celebrate.  He also made the usual
comments about never again playing "Wynonas Big Brown Beaver".

Seas of Cheese
John the Fisherman
Frizzle Fry (Again, FAT)
Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread
Those Damn Blue collar Tweekers
-->Highball with the Devil
My Name is Mud
Bob's Party Time Lounge
Golden Boy
Nature Boy
Southbound Pachyderm
Tommy the Cat
-->DJ Disk/Brain
-->Dj Disk/Les

Jerry Was a Race Car Driver.

Unless they played it at Pitsburgh or WAsh D.C., this is the last time that
they played Southbound Pachyderm on the tour, and the only time that I heard
them play Golden Boy, which is a great song.  Out of the 6 Sno-Cores I saw,
this was the best!!!