Seas of Cheese
Nature Boy
Here come the Bastards
Mind Spread
Damn Tweekers
Bobs party time...
Golden Boy
South Bound(Psychadelic version)
The Heckler

The opening bands sucked...except for the first one...they were a  local band from canada("Van Allen Pelt" i think) If i had heard the singer without seen him... i woulda thought he was Les...sounded just like him. Alkahloics sucked(rap sucks) the only cool thing was the beer drinking contest they had. Blink 128 is sooo annoying, the little kiddies jumping around mad for good punching bags though.:)

Primus took for ever to start, but it was worth the wait.
It was a pretty good primus performance. Brain had the sparkly drums, and he was kinda laid back...Ler was so damn loud and bad as hell. He kicked some ass. Les didnt talk much, and he played pretty good. Brain was pumped as hell later on, during his solo he was all jumpin around and goin buck ass wild, and of course he did the one handed beer drinking solo. After a short break they came out and gave a choice between jerry and frizz fry...Well, since half the crowd has never heard friz, they picked jerry.

One last thing...I think we should sign a petition to get lers mic turned on!