Opening Bands: 
1. Aquabats -- These guys were great.  All of their music sounded the
same (ska in concert, that's just the way it goes), but they were
great showmen.  They were all wearing some weird lime-green wetsuit
tops with the hoods on.  They all had purple swim trunks on and funky
belts with flashing LEDs on them.  The lead singer had this great
superhero voice when he talked to the crowd.  I was also
impressed with the crotch-thrust dances they had perfected.  Good

2. Long Beach Dub All-Stars -- easily the best talented opening act. 
The music was fantastic.  It got a little confusing with what seemed
like twenty people milling about the stage, but it was cool.

3. Blink 182 -- Dang, it was like Green Day with one fewer chord. 
One guy was so hyped about being able to play his guitar with one
hand but really it sounded about the same to me as when he was
attempting chords.  They had some lame attempts at humor that went
over like a lead balloon.  I was especially touched when he dedicated
a song to all of the people in the crowd with "titties and vaginas." 

Between the sets we got to see episodes of South Park.  That was
great.  The last episode they showed was the original "Dude,
don't say 'pigfucker' in front of Jesus."  I could barely see
the screen so it's good I had seen it before.  There were
actually people there who hadn't seen SP before.

Before Primus came on we were all chanting "Primus sucks" and the DJ
bimbo from 91X chastised us for being mean.  She told us to cut it
out and be nice.  She started giving away crap (it's crap because I
didn't get any) and we started again.  This time she was both
confused and upset. 

Primus came on and it was sweet.  They opened up with John the
Fisherman and it was hard driving to the end.  I was going to type up
the whole setlist but then saw that Karl had already done it on the
board so here is his version:

 John The Fisherman
 Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread
 Here Come the Bastards
 Those Damn Blue Collar Tweekers (w/Highball with the Devil)
 Southbound Pachyderm
 My Name is Mud
 Bob's Party Time Lounge
 Silly Putty  (new song w/DJ Disk off new Misc. Debris)
 Tommy the Cat (w/Brain solo & The Awakening)

 Jerry (encore)

During Bastards a woman tossed a monster-ass bra on stage and Les
stopped playing to remark on how wonderful it was to have women in
the audience for a change.

Right before Tommy it sounded like they were going to start Nature
Boy but, much to my dismay, they didn't (that was the only thing I
would have changed in the concert).

The last song was pretty disappointing in a way.  Les made us chose
between Harold and Jerry.  How could he ask us to do that?  The crowd
was really jumping during Jerry and it was cool. 

Needless to say, the three bastards were amazing.  I can't wait for
them to come back.  I was especially impressed with Brain's drumming
during Mud.  Amazing.

I didn't get to meet the guys after the show but I'm still pretty
bitter about it and would rather not discuss it right now.
Catch  ya' later,
Jess (aka sweet thang)