Standing in line in the pouring rain, I thought to myself
"Damnit. This better be one good show." The first act was The Aquabats. I
misssed it. People tell me I didn't miss much. Next on the bill was the Long Beach Dub All-Stars, which consisted of all the members of Sublime, except for the former frontman, the deceased Brad Nowell. A pretty good set. They did play some of Sublime's songs during their set, which was eerie and cool at the same time. But what suprised me was that they managed to show that they were much more then a Sublime rehash, playing alot of their own songs. Half way home. Blink 182 is up to bat. Their first song got people moving. Pretty good. But after that it all sounded like a jumbled mess of heavy punk guitars, which got a little tiresome after the third song. i really expected better from them. Halfway through their set the chants started. “Primus Sucks! Primus Sucks!” All we could is wait till Blink got off. “Primus Sucks! Primus Sucks!”
   Now it was time for the bastards to show what they got. Man, did they have a great set! Bob's Party Time Lounge, Golden Boy, and a few seconds of Ummm Bopp, were some of the of hits the guys shelled out. Les, Ler, and Brain seemed to be having a great time on stage. They couldn't get better. Wrong. Jerry was a Race Car Driver, Tommy the Cat, the first track on Sailing the Seas of Cheese, and even John the Fisherman. All of these songs came with quite a bit of extra slapping, and riffing. And lucky for the people that are going to see them later, they will only get better.

Alex Trevino