Wow, successfully returned from the Calder Spanier Benefit at Bimbo's and I must say it was simply an amazing night. I got there a little late and missed the first act except seeing that Les had came out to guest with them. Just about half an hour before Primus was set to go on I asked Ler
what they were playing tonight and he had no idea so they must of made it up at the last minute. Well, if they did they did a damn good job because it was a hell of a set. First, Michael Franti came out and did a few a capella numbers and then he was joined by the boys, DJ Disk and Carl Young (I think from Spearhead) and they did a bunch of jazzed out hip hop numbers. Then the stage was cleared and primed for a short Primus set.

The setlist went Groundhog's Day, Silly Putty, The Heckler, Tommy the Cat/Awakening, and Scissor Man as an encore. During Groundhog's Day Carl came back out and added a saxophone solo after Ler's guitar solo and it sounded sweet. DJ Disk played along on the cover of Stanley
Clarke's Silly Putty which Les was afraid they were going to bastardize but I must say they did a damn fine job...when did Ler learn to play jazz guitar? During Tommy when Brain normally does his rock-and-roll drum solo, they instead had a jam between Brain, Disk and Scott Amendola which soon added Les playing along on bass and Michael Franti came back out. They left and when they came back Les announced "We certainly have no reservations about falling on our asses in front of you tonight" and they proceeded to play an amazing cover of XTC's Scissor Man for the first time live. It was quite a thing to see Les, I mean, really singing and Ler's guitar work on that tune could whip a camel's ass. Then everyone came back out for more jamming in which Les threw in his rendition of Jim Stafford's Wildwood Weed and that was that.

This was an absolutely amazing night. Great music and it was all for a good cause. Calder Spanier was an absolutely fabulous musician and he will be sorely missed especially by the Bay Area music scene. If you missed this concert, you officially suck.

That's all I have to say at this point in time...please fellate me now.

          Dick Rush

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