Hi all, well six hours of driving later, and I'm back home. I sure hope Primus appreciates all the driving I've done for them this weekend.

          Aquabats - sounded better this evening, you could almost understand them, and they put on a good show. I didn't think much about it until I was suffering though the next bands.

          Alkaholiks - took forever to get going. They were ok for a hip-hop band, but they lost their charm quickly. If they would have played for about ten minutes, then they would have been really cool.

          Blink 182 - Wow, they really, really suck shit. They sounded as bad if not worse than last night. All of there songs sound the exact same. Horrible.

          Primus - Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Larry LaLonde show. Not that it was officially declared as such or anything, but just as Brain was showcased in Peoria, this seemed to be Ler's night.
          1 - Sailing the Seas of Cheese
          2 - John the Fisherman
          3 - Those Damned Blue-Collared Tweekers
          4 - Kalamazoo
          5 - My Name is Mud
          6 - Puddin' Taine
          7 - Jerry was a Race Car Driver
          8 - Golden Boy
          9 - Bob's Party Time Lounge
        10 - Too Many Puppies / Hello Skinny
        11 - Frizzle Fry
        12 - Tommy the Cat / Awakening / Brain solo
        13 - Groundhog's Day

          There was a wait of over forty-five minutes after Blink before Primus finally hit the stage. And it was wierd to see them start with Seas.

          After Kalamazoo, Les asked, "How many of you came here tonight to hear Wynona?" Many in the crowd screamed. "Well, you're not going to hear it, because I for one fucking hate that song. so instead, we're going to play a song that is far superior to Wynona, It's called My Name is Mud." Les was pretty talkitive the whole evening.

          Bob's Party Time was just great, it's become one of favorites to hear live. As well as the kick ass Too Many Puppies / Hello Skinny medley.

          Brain seemed really reserved for most of the set until his solo after the Awakening, then he went off. It was one of the most amazing solos I've ever seen his play, I swear the boys going to give himself
a heart attack. Also after the Awakening, Les said that he wanted to be called as the artist formerly known as Les Claypool.

          I prey that on the next tour, Primus will bring only one opening band. And I would like an actual good band for a change, maybe Morphine, Helmet or Dinosaur Jr. Oh well.