Aquabats - Humorous, not the greatest, horrible sound. But, I'd take them over Limp Bizquit or Blink -182 anyday.

   Blink-182 What a piece of shit. All these little MTV kids were there to see them, but they sat in their seats and stared vacantly until they played the song that they have a video for and then they went nuts. Blink's sound was REALLY horrible, I started to worry that maybe the theater had bad
acustics or something.

 Primus - Sweet. Here's the setlist:
    1 - To Defy the Laws of Tradition
    2 - Groundhog's Day
    3 - Duchess and the Proverbial Mindspread
    4 - Pudding Time
    5 - Those Damned Blue-Collared Tweekers / Highball
    6 - Kalamazoo
    7 - My Name is Mud
    8 - Puddin' Taine
    9 - seas of Cheese
  10 - Coddingtown
  11 - Nature Boy
  12 - Tommy the Cat / Awakening / Brain solo
  13 - Jerry was a Race Car Driver

          Brain was insane this evening. He soloed in Duchess (for longer than normal), Nature Boy, and Tommy the Cat. Although I don't like the new drumset nearly as much as the old one. The new set is gold, with nothing on the bass drum head.

          I was so impressed to hear nature boy. It blew me away.

          During Puddin' Taine, Les was hit with a shirt and stopped the song to give usual speech. Then when he was about to tell them where to shove the items instead of tossing them onstage, he was hit again, this time in the face with a pipe. I thought it was the end, but he started the song over.

          After the awakening, some dude got on stage and walked over to Les in a manner that suggested he was bowing before a god, then he handed Les a dollar bill and walked away to the waiting security guards, wierd.

          For the Encore, Les gave everyone a choice between Fish On!!!!! and Jerry was a Race Car Driver. You can see which song they chose. It would have been awsome to see Brain on Fish On, and see Les using the fretted six for it. Plus, itís about three times longer than Jerry. The crowd was a bunch of cocksmokers.