Seas of Cheese
          John the fisherman
          Dutches and the Proverbial mind spread
          Tweekers/Hight ball with the devil medely
          Bob's party time lounge
          Puddin taine
          Here come the bastards
          My name is Mud
          Nature Boy
          Too many puppies/hello skinny medely
          Jerry Was a race car driver
          Tommy the cat/The awakeing medely

          Encore: Harold of the rocks

          This was a great show! some highlights were Les announcing how he hates wynona, announcing to the audience "From now on I will be known as the artist formly known as Les Claypool", 4 or 5 minute Brain drum "ejaculation" (or so it was called by les) that featured brain drinking a full bottle of water while still playing a kick ass drum beat one handed!

          Also Les gave the audience a choice of Fizzle fry and Harold of the Rocks as an encore and if you read the playlist above you know which one we choose. All in all primus played a good set! (as for the aquabats and blink182 the only two cool things the aquabats did was play 3 seconds of my name is Mud and the lead singer doing a backflip, but they both blew.