I missed all other bands but Blink and PRIMUS and I don't like blink However they were very friendly guys. Talking to us about how they like
blow jobs and girls and stuff. They told us it smelled like shit up there and asked us why this town isn't called Shit Lake City. Later on the lead singer (blond hair) said two girls in the crowd were blowing him kisses all night and that he wanted them up on stage for a hug and kiss. So he brought them up and they did their thing. After all that bull, PRIMUS finally came on.
They started with John the Fisherman which was beautiful.
Next was something off of Brown Album.
I don't really remember the order so I'll just tell you the songs I'm sure I know they played:
John the Fisherman
Camelback Cinema
My Name is Mud
Tommy the Cat and inbetween there they got the DJ guy to come out and
mix it up with Brain. Les explained how they'd have him on tour for
awhile and how he was the Jimi Hendrix of mixing. Then he and Les played
at each other for a bit and that was cool.
27 seconds of Brain -bonus*
Seas of Cheese (probably went into Coddingtown, I'm sure it did)
Here Come the Bastards
the encore was Frizzle Fry
and that is about all I can remember. Doesn't seem like much there had
to be more, wait oh yeah Southbound Pachyderm

Yes, indeed. Our dearest Les broke his foot snowboarding up here at Snowbird the morning of the FRIDAY the 13th I believe. At the show he told us he would be telling this story for a couple of weeks, he said he ran into some fat skier or something and he held up his foot to show us. He said he was in excruciating pain but would go on just for us, so be grateful dammit!
          He still danced around and everything, and the show rocked so don't worry that it will make the show any less than what it shall be.
          By the way, he also said that since it was Valentines Day he hoped that we were at the show with someone we loved....or at least someone we were fuckin'. Classic Les for ya.