I went to the show in reno last night. It kicked ass. Here is the set list best I can remember.

          To Defy the laws
          Here come the bastards
          Harold of the Rocks
          Damn Blue Collared
          Bob's Party Time Lounge
          South Bound Pachyderm
          The Heckler
          My Name is Mud

          Les gave the crowd a choice between Too Many Puppies and Jerry, and being that reno is the minnie truck capital of the world, they chose Jerry. Les said, "I just waiting for the ambitious crowd that goes with song that isn't the big radio hit."
          Les dedicated Harold of the rocks to Jamil Kahn, the guy who died near Sugarbowl on Wedsday, after Jamil's friend asked Les to do so. Les went on about some accident he (les) had at Northstar earlier in the day.
          Brain and DJ Disk did the best solo/jam sort of thing. That was the shows highlight. The lowpoint of the show, which is just as important to point out as the highlight, was the venue. It was held in a livestock place. Dirt floors, cold as all hell, they ran out of water, had to piss in outhouses. Sucked.

          My 14th Primus show. Fuckin' A!