Well, all the other bands kicked a whole bunch of ass. I got quite annoyed with the Long Beach Dub All-Stars. The Aquabats started, then the band I just mentioned, then Blink 182. I guess tha Alkaholics were suppsed to play, but I might just be a dumbass. Primus opened up with Groundhogs Day, and I can't remember the exact order of what they played, but I remember a
rather interesting version of too many puppies and Tommy (on the 4-string) and Duchess and Mud and Seas of Cheese and Kalamazoo and Coddingtown and some other stuff that I forgot, but I'm sure if I had the cd's around I could remember. And they ended with Jerry and played some cover tune that I forgot (damn I'm TIRED)

          And how can I forget Tweekers? And they did the Awakening and part of....dammit my memory SUCKS right now. Part of another Holy Mackerel song, and I can't remember the damn name, but it the one that goes 'come the morning, we'll be waiting and wieling the power..'(“Highball with the Devil” -- Jim) I can't believe I forgot!! Plus the fact that I got 2 hours sleep doesn't help...

          Lauren P. Elephant