Well, let me start by saying that tonight's show (12/31/98) was the single best Primus concert I've ever been to (and I've been to a few). Brain was on fire tonight and the energy that he showed in the first three songs -- all from Frizzle Fry -- gave early warning that this would be a hot show. Mr. Mantia made it very clear this evening that he is one of the hottest drummers around today. The whole band was as solid as ever and everyone had a good time.

  The highlight, of course, was the countdown to midnight by none other than the Artist Formerly Known as Bob C. Cock -- known now simply as The Cock -- and Primus' rendition of his purple highness' 1999, ringing in the new year like nobody else can. If you missed this one, you should feel free to kick yourself ... hard.

  Spearhead also put on a great set, laying some funky grooves to get the crowd going. I have to admit that I was afraid that Primus fans would not be too keen on Spearhead as an opening act, but they delivered some mighty fine tunes and the Primus fans should them much love and appreciation.

  Well, I wanna go touch myself for a little while, so I'll leave you with the setlist and say good night...

           1. To Defy the Laws of Tradition
           2. Mr. Knowitall
           3. Groundhog's Day
           4. Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread
           5. Nature Boy / Toys Go Winding Down
           6. Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers (w/Buckethead solo)
           7. Chastizing of Renegade
           8. Jerry Was A Race Car Driver / My Name is Mud
           9. Bob
         10. Air is Getting Slippery
         11. Too Many Puppies / Hello Skinny
         12. Tommy the Cat (w/DJ Disk jam and Buckethead nunchuk             performance)
         13. 1999 (w/The Cock and Boondog McCarthy)

         Goodnight ... happy new year ... would you like to sleep with me?

                 Dick Rush