Pre-show- We drove 2.5 hours from San Diego to see this, got there
early, and stood outside the door, and as a result, got to hear "Harold
Of The Rocks" and no one else did, because they didn't play it at the

1. Powerman 5000- These guys were horrible. They did the one thing I
hate bands to do live, play the little pre-recorded things they put
before the song on the album before they played it live. They were very
boring and redundant.

2. Limp Bizkit- Boy was I in for a treat when Limp Bizkit came on. I
thought I had seen the worst band I had ever seen live in Powerman, but
then Bizkit came on and smashed that. They are Korn with one guitarist,
a turntable player, and auxilary percussionist. They singer kept
flipping off the crowd and calling us fuckers. Alot of the kids ejoyed
this, why, I fucking don't know. Then, to my displeasure, Johnathan
Davis,the singer of Korn, and Fieldy Arvizu(?), the bass owner of
Korn(can't call him a player can we?) came and played with Bizkit. Then
they stopped, and I was happy.


Let me explain the place for ya'll first.... The Hollywood Palladium is
like an old ballroom. There are two balconies and chandoliers. If you
have seen the first Blues Brothers movie, it is where they filmed the
final concert. And, up with the chandoliers were three brown balls which
you have all probably seen by now.

-1-Those Damn Blue-Collar Tweekers w/Highball With The Devil
-2-Jerry Was A Racecar Driver
-3-Puddin' Taine
-4-My NAme Is Mud
-6-Too Many Puppies w/Hello Skinny
-7-Southbound Pachyderm
-8-Here Come The Bastards
-9-Duchess And The Proverbial Mindspread
-10-Frizzle Fry
-11-Sailing The Seas Of Cheese
-12-Over The Falls
-13-Bob's Party Time Lounge
-14-The Heckler
-15-Tommy The Cat w/ The Awakening & Brain Solo
-16-Groundhogs Day
-17-John The Fisherman w/South Park Intro

Anyway, after a hearty vocal workout of chanting PRIMUS SUCKS, he place
gets dark, and my heart is racing about 5000 m.p.h. because this is my
first PRIMUS show.
Ler comes on stage by himself, and starts the "Tweekers" intro. Then you
hear "THUMP THIMP THUMP THIMP" on the bass, and out walks Les. In the
middle of the song Les gives us the speech "Where PRIMUS, and yes, you
stumbled into the right place. We're gonna provide ya with an hour and a
half of quality PRIMUS, some old stuff, and some stuff off the Brown
album, so sit back, relax, take your pants off, and enjoy the show."
Then he busted into "Highball". Then they proceeded with Jerry, on the 4
string, and to my delight, Puddin' Taine. The crowd was really jumpin'
for Jerry, then I proceeded to knowk people around in the pit. Puddin'
Taine was one hell of a song live. Well, now to the middle of the show.
Southbound Pachyderm was a surprise, because I heard Les doesn't play
anything off of Punchbowl. They had these cool lights next the the
drumset that would go up and down in synch with the fast
"Du-dunna-du-deh" part, if you understad.*l* Then, Les pulls out the old
upright, and tells us how he wrote the song back when they were signed
to Interscope and the Gerardo thing. He said they felt pressured to
conform and play what was popular. The he said to us "What was popular
then? Bullshit like Winger and Warrant, thats why I wrote this song"
Then they proceeded with "Cheese" and "Over The Falls". Then came "Bob's
Party Time", and the thing I thought was cool was during every song off
of the Brown Alum, they projected the picture that corresponded with the
song from the booklet, on the wall. Was I ever suprised to hear "The
Heckler". That too is one of my favorite songs, and Les played it on the
whit Fender Jazz bass w/tortoise shell pickguard. The next song sent the
crowd into a flurrie, Tommy The Cat. I was jumpin around like an idiot,
like I did most of the show, the rest of the time when I was not
jumpin', I was moshin'. Then Les plays "The Awakening" as his solo, I am
very surprised and pleased. He stops to introduce "Someone special",
which I was thinking was gonna be Bob Cock, but then he said "Here is
the man, the myth, the pseudo mexican....Brain". This is the point in
which I became a hardcore supporter of Brain in the Brain v.s. Herb
department. His solo almost made me shit. Then he did the one-armed solo
thing while chugging the beer, GOD DAMN! They left the stage, and I was
disappoined, they had failed to play my favorite song John The
Fisherman. Then Les comes out and says something about not being done.
They play "Groundhogs Day", then Brain starts the John The Fisherman
intro, but they started playing something else, and I thought maybe Brin
was just playing it for the hell of it, that something else apparently
was the South Park theme, then they played "John", and the show was
over. I was happy, and I didn't have to hear Limp Bizkit again. Sorry if
I didn't remember everything verbatim, I am writing this 8 months