(in no order)
To Defy The Laws of Tradition
My Name is Mud
Here Come the Bastards
Jerry Was a Race Car Driver
Tommy The Cat/Awakening
Southbound Pachyderm (with long jam)
Puddin Taine
Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread
Seas of Cheese
Over The Falls
Bob's Party Time Lounge

Les told us from the get go that we were going to get 'alot of old stuff, and
alot of Brown stuff." He wasnt kidding. They played almost the whole damed
Brown Album, and like 5 songs off of Seas of Cheese. This was by far the best
Primus show I have ever seen. Powerman 5000 and Buck O Nine opened, and while
I didnt care for either band, they were a couple of the best opening acts I
have ever seen. This was the second show I went to with Brain instead of Herb,
and Brain stil impresses me to this day. It was also at this show, during the
solo to Jerry, that i began calling Ler, Eddie Van Ler, because he is the man.
I almost died, because the Strand was a death trap (notice was, being that it
is now closed) but To Deft kicked some serious ass straight from the begninng,
and I believe had some Holy Mackerel stuff in the beginning of it, I just cant
remember what. The show was great, a good time was had by all.