Hello fellow Internet surfer and welcome to my home page. I'm very glad that you made it this far . . . and I hope that you'll stick around long enough to get to know just a little bit more about me and my life. After all, these days, acquaintances that begin in cyberspace are often the most real, vivid, and long-lasting - and maybe that will be true of us.

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I was born in a small town in Central Texas, but my
family soon moved to the great state of Indiana.  Before 1987 when my Mother died in a car accident my family consisted of myself two bothers and one sister (Matt, Jen, Mark, Luke). After my mom died my Father remarried and I picket up two more sisters (Sonya and Nickie). I have lived in Indiana for about 20 years and am now 24 years old. I am married and have a wife name Ann, a cat(domino), and a dog (ButterCup) .   We live on 2 acres in Posey County Indiana.

U.of E. EE. Department
Phi Delta Theta
Reitz High School
Indiana State Univesity
My Family


This is the Car of my Dreams a 2000 Porshe Boxster
Retail $41,000