irl - Nick Suttles
Doyle Parthosis
of the clan, Gangrel (Sabbot)

Generation: 4
Nature: Bravo
Demeanor: Loner
Physical: Stalwart, 2 Steady, 2 Tough, 2 Robust, 5 Swift
Mental: Alert, 2 Attentive, 2 Wily
Social: Beguiling, 2 Intimidating

Abilities: Firearms, 2 Brawl, 2 Torture
Fortitude: Endurance, Mettle, Resilience, Aegis
Protean: Wolf Claws, Earth Meld, Shadow of the Beast
Auspex: Heighten Senses
Celerity: Alacrity, Swiftness, Rapidity

Demon Disciplines: Body Armor, Razor Fingers, Magic Portal
Influences: 5 Underworld
Blood Traits: 12
Will Power: 6
Path/Beast Traits: Drinker
Status: Feared
Derangement: Mercenary
Negative Traits:
Physical: (none)
Mental: (none)
Social: 3 Shy, 2 Callous

Flaws: Hatred, Vengence
Equipment: Sniper Rifle