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Doyle Parthosis

Doyle Parthosis was born deep in the mountains of Virgina on March 8, 1909. There he was raised primarily by his father since his mother died while he was only three years of age. Doyle's father, Parthos, refused to allow him to go to any schools while he was growing up, instead, he insisted to teach Doyle himself. Doyle was taught a decent amount of English, but mostly he learned fighting, gambling, and hunting. By the time he reached the age of eight, he was already a renowned hunter. Killing excited Doyle. He especially enjoyed to torture the things that he caught before he killed them. The fear that showed on their faces when they realized that there was no escape from death.
Parthos became extremely proud of Doyle's ability to kill so he decided to see how Doyle would do in the local fighting contests. Doyle found this to be enjoyable also. Fight after fight he won and possibly would have continued to do so. At the tender age of twelve years old, Doyle became barred from the fights when he killed an opponent. The efficency with which he killed the man drew the attentionof the local mafia. The local mafia decided that they wanted and possibly needed Doyle as a killer for hire. Several attempts were made to get to his house in the mountains, but all that were sent never returned.
Finally, they managed to find Doyle in a local bar a few years later. By this time, he was sixteen years old. On that day, Doyle was not in the best of moods. Blood coated his entire body. Cautiously, the mafia members approached Doyle. They asked him if he had been assulted and question the blood that was on his persona. Doyle glared at the men and stated, "The blood is that of the bear that I killed, the same bear that killed my father." The mafia members backed away from Doyle somewhat and asked, "Would you like to be paid to do what you are so well at doing?" Questioningly Doyle asked, "And what would that be?" Realizing that they may have caught him, they stated, "We'll pay you to kill select people. The amount you are paid will vary depending on who the person you are to kill is. But, it'll definitely be worth you time." Calmly Doyle replied, "Sure, but a word of caution, never attempt to come to my house to find me, unless you wish to die." The members of the mafia looked between each other finally understanding what had happened to their colleagues. Slowly one of the members placed a pager upon the counter and stated, "When we need you, we'll notify you though this. It will tell you the place to meet us." Doyle bowed his head and said, "It's been a pleasure." Then he paid his bill and left.
Doyle became the local mafia's main killer which eventually gained the attention and respect of the larger groups of mafia members. He slowly became more respected and was called upon by all the groups more regularly. One hit in particular will always be remember. It was on March 13, 1931 a Friday. The kill was to be an easy one, but Doyle soon found out just how wrong that was. He tracked down the person who's name was, Chris Anderson. Doyle carefully aligned his rifle so that there would be no chance of missing. His scope was perfectly on Chris's head. Slowly Doyle began to pull the trigger so that his alignment wouldn't be changed. His breath was held, everything was perfect until Chris turned and looked in the direction that Doyle was. It turned out that Chris was an extremely attractive female. Realizing that his mission was to be a failure, Doyle went to talk to Chris. Solemnly he told Chris, "I've been hired to kill you, but I'm unable to do it." Then Doyle prepared to kill himself, but before he could, Chris said, "Wait! I have another option for you." Wondering what that could possibly be, Doyle asked, "And what would that be?" Chris smiled and stated, "You could become like me. A more efficent killer." She then brandished her wolf claws. Doyle was impressed beyond words can express. He merely stood there in awe. Seductively Chris said, "Would you like that?" Doyle answered, "Yes, and to hide that you're still awake, we can go to my house in Virgina. No one is stupid enough to try and find anything there." Then they proceded to go to Doyle's house deep in the mountains of Virgina.
They arrived at Doyle's house long before sunrise. With painstaking effort, they sealed up all the windows to ensure that not even a slight amount of sunlight would seep through. Carefully, Chris proceded to embrase Doyle.
Doyle carefully listened to everything Chris told him and became more skilled than he had ever been as a killer. The mafia continued to use him as one of their best killers.
Doyle was content with the way everything was going until October 8, 1997. That was the day that Chris mysteriously vanished. She had warned Doyle of this day and told him when this day came, find other vampires to be with. Knowing this, Doyle attempted to find other vampires to spend time with as Chris had suggested. The first group that managed to drew his attention abided in the town of Terre Haute, Indiana. Doyle managed to arrive in Terre Haute, Indiana on October 18, 1997. Upon arriving, he noticed that the local mafia didn't know of him yet. Knowing this, Doyle decided to take advantage of his situation and only become know by the select people he selected.
Terre Haute turned out to be a very interesting experience indead for Doyle. He was very cautious about how he acted and who he allowed to know who he was or what he was capable of doing. Several princes arose to power, but all died under the ruthless power of the local Sabbot pack. The final prince of the fine city of Terre Haute deemed it unliveable for all vampires and ordered a nuclear bomb to be dropped upon it to destory all the remaining Sabbot and the uprising of werebeast. Upon hearing of the bombing, Doyle departed the city and wandered yet again. Several months later, he arrived at the small town of Poseyville and decided to settle down there for awhile. A larger city not too far from Doyle's new residence became he new hang out as he found yet another collection of vampires with which to spend time with.

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