Biography: Marian McPartland

Pianist/Composer/Jazz Legend

Marian McPartland (1958)

A Little About Marian's Life

Born on March 21, 1918, Margaret Marian Turner began to play the piano around the age of three. After an unsatisfying attempt at studying the violin formally, Marian eventually found her way to the famous Guildhall School of Music where she studied piano and composition. After leaving Guildhall to perform in a four-piano vaudeville act, she met her future husband, Jimmy McPartland, while touring in USO shows during World War II.

After marrying cornetist Jimmy McPartland and moving to the United States, Marian enjoyed much success on the American jazz scene over the next several years performing with her own trio, as a soloist, and as a recording artist. In 1978, Marian began to host her own radio program for National Public Radio and South Carolina Educational Radio: Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz. Piano Jazz is one of the longest running weekly programs on NPR, featuring a wide range of guests--from legendary jazz artists to fledgling talents.

Today, when Marian's not in the studio recording an episode of Piano Jazz or a new album, she might be found performing live gigs with her trio or offering master classes for eager young music students. After celebrating her 90th birthday in 2008, Marian released her latest album, Twilight World.

Australian jazz pianist, Dr. Clare Hansson, has now posted her doctoral research on Marian McPartland on the Internet. For additional details regarding the life and career of Marian McPartland, please click here.

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