Hero: Fantasmo

Age: 32

Height: 6'3"

Weight:195 lbs.

Archetype: Controller

Origin: Science

Primary Power Set: Illusion

Secondary Power Set: Storm

Yes, Fantasmo is his real name from birth. Which is no surprise, since his father is the great TV Star Magician – Fanatical the Great! From the time Fantasmo could walk, his father taught him the way of the Illusionist. His father loved what he did and was hoping his son would grow up to be an even greater Illusionist. So it would be….

When Fantasmo was the ripe, young age of 18, he was back stage at a TV variety show. One of the entertainers there was a mad scientist. He had been a friend of Fantasmo’s father for years. The scientist walked up to Fantasmo and gave him a glass of Pepy Cola, which was Fantasmo’s favorite. He slugged it down extremely fast and let out a very loud belch, to the scientist’ amusement. Fantasmo took the stage after that and put on a spectacular show! At the very end of his shows, he always pulled a rabbit out of a hat, just to show he could actually do it. At the end, when he raised his hands, a powerful wind blew in the theater. It blew the hat and the rabbit off the stage and everyone in the theater flew out of their chairs! Fantasmo was shocked! He did not understand what was happening. The audience was shocked as well, but then all of them stood up and gave him a standing ovation. Fantasmo, as shocked as he was, bowed and smiled from ear to ear. He loved any attention he could get and loved everything about TV and the audience that loved him. He knew what just happened was a great and wonderful thing! After the show, while back stage in his dressing room, he noticed a note lying by his extra pair of red and yellow sunglasses. The note read, “Enjoy your new gift, I know you will love it. Good luck, Dr. MadPotion.” Fantasmo chuckled to himself.

After the Rikti war, Heroes were needed. Fantasmo jumped at the chance to be a Hero. He knew this would improve his status in the media and everyone would love him even more than they had in the past. With the great powers he possessed, there was no doubt he would make a great hero. To this day, if you see him on the streets fighting crime, yell his name and let him know you love his work. He will gladly stop and chat or give you a signed, glossy 5’x9’ photo of himself.

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