Selected Poetry

Original Poems (my own)

Adrift, winner of a Mary Reid McBeth Literary Award from the ISU Department of English Scholarships and Awards




It Could Be, the cheesiest schlock ever to flow from my fingertips

Assorted Haiku

Fool of the Dance

Moth to the Flame



Sharing Chapstik on the Lawn

Sketching in the Dark

Assorted Limericks


Comet to the Sun, a rather more coherent exploration of the emotions objectified in "Moth to the Flame"

Poems By Others

The Celebration of the Lizard by Jim Morrison

The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

Howl by Allen Ginsberg

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock by T.S. Eliot

To Anthea, who may Command him Anything by Robert Herrick

Upon the Nipples of Julia's Breast by Robert Herrick

The Lover's Resolution by George Wither

Why Blush, Dear Girl? anonymous

Assorted Limericks

Poetry Links

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