Moth to the Flame
Zach Sneddon

There! A light!
Circle that way
That way
Gotta go that way
There's a light over there, man
Gotta go that way
Light over there

Is it me, or is it hot in here?
Getting pretty hot
Burnin' up in here
But the light's getting
Stronger, gotta go that way
But man, it's hot

Hoo, boy, that is a BRIGHT light!
I'm in Heaven!
But since when was heaven so damn hot?
Getting way too hot in here, man
Hey, wait, it's a fire!
She don't care how much I need her light

Gotta get closer to her light
Don't give a damn if she torches me
Gotta get closer to the light
Burnin' to death, but I don't care
Gotta get closer to the light

"Hotel California," by the Eagles


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