Miscellaneous Links

Cathedral Coffee and Game

Sceaftesige Garrison -- dark ages, viking, and Saxon re-enactment group

Jorvik Viking Center

American Institute of Architects Online

Performance Building Systems earth-sheltered designs

Monolithic Dome Institute

Indiana Academy Class of '95 discussion group at eGroups.com

Dumb Laws, truly a measure of our fine legislation.

SailNet: The Internet Sailing Community


Vietnam Veterans Home Page

Rails and Transit

Disused and Abandoned NYC Subway Stations

Hypnotic Clambake

Polywell Computers

Independent Film Night at Lincoln Center

Appliances and Prosthetics for Theater and Masquerade(@Nightmare Factory)

EmpegCar MP3 Car Audio Player

The THX Digital Dude's Digitally Remastered Knowledge Emporium

Warp Drive When?

Vegan Outreach

Station R: Outdoor Adventure

The Bastard Operator from Hell

Useless Information

Comicazee Alternative Comics

Squeak!, the online magazine for rats and their humans

BattleMech Designer 9.7

Save Doctor Who!

Greetings from Mike M.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

Fulton Armory

The Online Guide to Canterbury (England)

The University of Kent at Canterbury

Unwelcome at the Rookery

Federal Government Employment

The Federal Office of Personnel Management

Operating Manual for Qualification Standards -- Office of Personnel Management

FedWorld Information Network

Department of State Career Site

Camille Paglia Resouces on the WWW

Our Present Darkness -- not exactly sure where to put this link, but it's an absolutely fascinating perspective on multiple or dissociative personality disorder

The Sync internet broadcasting

Scorched Earth Productions -- cult films and more

Has the world gone mad? Maybe not.


Flat Earth Role Playing Games

Star Wars Toy Resource Page

Trixie Firecracker

A Good Collection of Art

Hummer, the most impressive vehicles currently in production.

Volkswagen, maker of the New Beetle, an impressive car in its own right

Mercedes-Benz, maker of the S600

Welsh Language Pronunciation Guide

Evil Breakfast Food Endorsements--find out why today's youth are so misguided


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