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There are already sites dedicated to Jim Morrison and the Doors out there as good as I could ever make, no matter how great my admiration of the poet and the band, and to make another one would just be redundant. To assist you in finding some good ones, here's Yahoo's Doors Entries.

Here is the Doors' official web site.

Riders on the Storm
as if you didn't already know

And now for some personal observations: in my own personal opinion, Jim Morrison's best recorded studio work as a poet appeared on The Soft Parade and Morrison Hotel (not counting An American Prayer), but as a band, the Doors worked together best on The Doors and L.A. Woman. I had my first musical orgasm listening to The End for the very first time at 3 o'clock in the morning on a caffeine buzz when I was fourteen and going to the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities. It blew my mind, shifted my paradigm, rocked my world... from that time on I knew.

"The Severed Garden" from An American Prayer is my favorite of the Doors' works, followed closely by "Rock Is Dead" from the recently released box set. Why don't you tell me what your favorites are?


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