It Could Be
Zach Sneddon

Girl, you've suffered far too long for the wrong reasons
Lived so many bleak and frightening seasons
Seems your heart has up and died, committed treason
But girl, your heart's not made of stone
You want to make it on your own
But you can't do it all alone
We all need a loving home
So come with me

I've known you for a while, and I can see it
I care for you I know, oh can't you feel it?
You've got a wound that's deep, want to help you heal it
You're scarred down deep inside
Something beautiful has died
I want to help revive
Love, I want to make it thrive
Oh can you see?

Girl, life is far too short, it goes by fast
Let's hold on tight before our chance has passed
Don't know if happiness was ever meant to last
Hold on tight and don't let go
Let your feelings for me show
You know I've got to let you know
That a love so strong could grow
Yes, it could be

"Take A Chance On Me," by ABBA


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