Sharing Chapstik on the Lawn
Zach Sneddon

I am awestruck by my good fortune
And awestruck by the pearl lips embracing my rougher own
Sharing Chapstik on the lawn
Deaf to the world despite the atmosphere of the venue
Poking up the edge of the comforter we're cocooned in
To breathe, but not coming up for air
Smuggled hisses through our noses, reluctant to part
Afraid to sever prematurely
Or ever

Do I linger too long? I neglect to ask myself
Ever the glutton, such prudence escapes me
She pulls away, and I do not discern her demeanor
Subtlety impairment, a common symptom of Y chromosome

And yet I have not lingered too long
(I hope)
She still wants me, just in smaller dosage
Time to reconfigure the plan
In light of recent events and unknown variables
What are the answers? What the equation?
The constant is love
But how to compute?
I wish I had a calculator
But I am unfamiliar with the workings of this abacus


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