• ECT 130 Introduction to Electronics and Computer Technology
  • ECT 430 Senior Seminar in Electronics and Computer Technology
  • ECT 603 Topics in Electronics and Computer Technology
  • ECT 679 Problems in Electronics and Computer Technology
  • ECT 680 Seminar, Analysis of Technical Systems
  • ECT 697 Major Project
  • ECT 698 Research in Electronics and Computer Technology
  • MCT 698 Research Methods in Industrial Technology
  • ECT 699 Master's Thesis
  • SOT 702 Advanced Technological Research Methods
  • SOT 703 Advanced Statistical Analysis in Technology


  • University of Missouri-Columbia, Ph.D. in Industrial-Technical Education, 1978.
  • Iowa State University, M.S. Degree in Industrial Education, 1972.
  • Iowa State University, B.S. in Industrial Education, 1971.
  • Iowa State University, A.A.S. in Electronics Engineering Technology, 1968.


  • Dr. Beach has worked several years in an Engineering Research Institute, and has taught high school, vocational-technical school, or university classes for more than twenty-three years.
  • His more recent teaching experiences have been in the areas of: electricity-electronics; educational evaluation and measurement; research; and instructional methodology. As a Professor and Director of Research for Development of Electronics and Computer Technology, he has provided administrative supervision or assistance for nearly $4,000,000.00 worth of funded projects and investigations during the past decade. Since 1975, he has served as an author, or senior co-author for 27 textbooks, and numerous articles or research reports. Some examples of recently co-authored textbooks that have been published by Delmar, Prentice-Hall, Merrill, Reston, or Simon & Schuster include:
    • Applications of Lasers and Laser Systems (with Allen Shotwell and Paul Essue)
    • Handbook for Scientific and Technical Research (with Torsten Alvager)
    • Electronics, Fundamentals & Everyday Applications (with William Foraker)
    • Industrial Control Electronics (with Roy Bridges)
    • DC/AC Circuit Essentials (with Charles Justice)
    • Solid-State Electronic Amplifiers (with Richard Lyons)


  • Dr. Beach has experience at coordinating efforts of faculty and students who develop or provide training for business and industry; or complete industrial research and development activities that relate to the many different applications of technology.


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