Welcome to the official Starcom Page.

Starcom is a side scrolling shooter with 21 levels of fast paced arcade action. One of the new ideas used in Starcom is that there are also special top down levels at certain points in the game. At the end of every planet (4 levels) there is a boss that must be destroyed. Starcom was created by Grey Software in 1997 and is being distributed by Laser Point.

Starcom has awesome 3D rendered and hand drawn sprites as well as intermission sequences between levels. Check out the Starcom Images Page. It also has a complete musical soundtrack that was produced by halfmoon Studios


The shareware version of the game is no longer available. Our publisher has closed its doors so the full registered version is now what can be downloaded.

Also, here are some cheats to use in the game:

At the password screen enter the code: 6716127
After doing that it will take you back to the main menu. When you try to enter another password it will prevent you from going into the password screen. Instead type a number between 1 and 21 and press enter. This will let you select a level you wish to start on.
There is one more cheat:
Hit "P" during gameplay to pause the game. Now hold down the keys "L A C" on the keyboard all at once. This will enable/disable god mode. You are now invinsible and can advance quickly through the levels by holding the ALT key.


Download the full registered version for free