Fate consumes and reveals it's ways,
New gods formed, and old gods haze.
Crying fire unto unformed masses,
Burning life into Karmic ashes.
Born of ash and blood and tears,
A mindset formed of peace and fears.
Of the Wheel, aged souls reborn,
Assist the plight of the forlorn.
Milky rain will wash the skies,
Jupiter, Saturn,and Mars arise.
To the Nile, time shall bend,
At which the edges, time shall end.
Oh, the fate the sisters do sew,
The path of destiny we must go.

Burning the Cross
I carry my cross that you built for me.
I carry it to my destiny.
To my end you send me walking,
Till the end, I'll be forever stalking
You out until the trumpets blow,
Only then may vengeance you know.
My cross is burned for sacrifice,
And the world shall know of my life,

You may burn the body, but never the spirit,
I am the ghost, and you must fear it.
Genocide of all of the heros,
Remember that He always knows,
Since you betrayed me, a fire awaits you,
And I shall laugh in your face as you go!
How can you blame me, warnings I gave,
This you forget on your way to the grave.
My Undead Love
Find me in the night, I am the dark.
Succumb to my will and I leave my mark.
By many a name I am unknown,
No one alive my face I have shown.
You cannot escape my fierce embrace,
The comforting cold, your fears erase.
Look into the sea of centuries of undeath,
Smell the carion that lingers on my breath.
This can be yours, if you drink of my power,
If you refuse, with darkness you I shall shower.
Feel my love for your anger and your fear.
Look at me, for you I shed a crimson tear.
Must I beg? Join me, my love, in eternal life!
Die with me and live again as my wife.
One foot in the Grave
No one saw it coming.
No one had a clue.
But the light was so stunning,
There was nothing we could do.
As the flames kissed our cheeks,
We knew it was the end,
Some poor souls lived for weeks,
The sorry rest could not defend.
God looked down and felt no love,
So off to hell we were swept away.
Now eternity we relive death from above,
And for time unknown, our sins we repay.
In retrospect, Hell's not so bad.
It's just like Earth, with everything we had.
Look to me I heard him say.
The face of a thousand deaths.
Darkness takes my hand and leads me on.
I follow, unable to stop
His gaze is strong, his control stronger.
I am helpless. I am scared. I cannot run.
"Release me!" I try to command.
But only a gasp escapes.
I am helpless. He controls my destiny.
God where are You in my hour of need?
My weakness only grows with each
second of your denial!
Help me fight the darkness!
The Man
The man, he said, will be there.
The man, he said, will always care.
The man, I saw, will never scare.
The man, I know, is always there.
The man has come and is here.
The man, it seems, will always be near.
The man, I see, is the cause of my fear,
The man, I see, is in the mirror.
I see the man in the sun and moon.
I hear the man in the cries of the loon.
He is now hiding in the dune.
I know he will kill me very soon.
One Last Beat
The pounding of my heart
The sound of my heart
Beats like a hammer
The fire closes in
I have no control
My chest burns like coals
I am dying
Please help me
I am dying.
Last Sight
Passing sights of my demise,
The sound of my pleading cries,
The crimson tears from my eyes,
Now it is time to realize.
Day by day I count the years,
I look to one to sooth the fears,
Now my life, the end it nears,
As I die the world appears.
Kill Them All!

Fighting in your head, slightly misled,
Shooting in your heart, tearing you apart,
Flashbacks rip your soul into tiny pieces,
Just like playing guns, just without recess.
You thought one tour would save the world,
Holding your gun, your fist was curled.
Look into the empty sky and say nothing,
If this dream could stop and an end it bring,
An eternity of torture for a heroes welcome
Of spit and shit, here you sit, legs are numb.
Fight it off! Demand respect, kill them if you must
'Cause when home you came, they screamed and cussed!
Kill them all, they know not the toil!
Kill them off, they pollute your soil!
They sang their songs, you faught their war,
They smoked their joints, and expected more!
Their spite, of the fight, can't be right,
Oh! What a sight of their might just to spite.
Kill them all, they'll know not why,
Just slaughter the masses and watch them die.
It's only fair, you saw them kill by night!
Kill them all, let them see the light.

The Men of Sin

to all the freaks dead and alive
I have come to join your tribe
to all the mutants dwelling here
you know now I have no fear
to all the world which I know
I know the place which you may go
hell is always in the heart
no chance that they may ever part
heaven is a final rest
final peace you can't resist
purgatory is the Earth
we all know it from our birth
the freakshow now has begun
now is time, the time is come
no more lonely power fights
the time is come, you have no rights
when our mother doth cease to spin
time will start,and spin again
all the our heroes lost the war
fell to evil evermore
the signs were there to be ignored
blind to it forevermore
to coat the earth a fallout cloud
to undress the earth always proud
now the freaks walk again
again and again the freaks will sin
one of them, I wasn't always

one of them,I will always
be singing songs of our glory
irony of our end so gory
walking with our face to wind
walking towards our shaded end
in the end it shall begin
sin will win and God will grin
satan grasps his fork in hand
awaiting his feast of flesh of man
earth was heaven after all
hell doth wait for man to fall
only here for the shortened time
only here to do our crime
then to the valley we shall fall
only here to God we call
judgement day was yesterday
yesterday we all did pray
from one cry there was remorse
pleading for heaven he did of course
God saw pitty on this man
and struck him dead with his hand
no afterlife was his blessing
I wish I had I am confessing
the day after was to late to plead
and now the freaks cry and bleed
I am a freak, a freak am I
I am a freak, I wish to die.