HTML help
Ok, here's a starter.
Lets start with tags.  A tag does not get shown as text in your web-browser,
but tells the browser what to do.

A tag looks something like this.      <html>  </html>   <img src="">
Note the Arrows.  This indicates a tag.
In the second tag, there is a slash.  This tells the browser to stop
doing whatever the last tag told it to do.

First,<html> tells your browser that it is reading a web file.
This is always the first thing in the web document.  BUT... This is not 
actually necessary in your document.

Next is the body tag.
It starts out with <body>
Inside this tag you put what you want your text color, link color, background
color, and background picture to be.

example:  <body text="black" bgcolor="white" link="blue" vlink="grey" background="">

<font size=+2 color=red>This is an example of the font tag!</font>
This is an example of the font tag!

link is a http:// reference color
vlink is visited links color
text is the default text color
bgcolor is background color
background is a picture file
    (note: picture file will be in quotations and can be an exact location of the
    picture or a relative location.  Relative location is discussed later.  For now
    just use the exact location.)

Other Important tags:
    <img src=""> This tells the browser that 
       there is a picture to be inserted here. The ""  will equal YOUR
       homepage server.

    <a href="">This is a test </a>
       This is what is called a hyperlink or just link.  When you put your
       mouse over this text, it will turn into a pointing finger and you will be
       able to click on it.  When clicked, your browser will bring up the page 
       that is refered to in the link. 
       "This is a test" is the text that you want displayed as the link.
       Think of it like this, you click on "This is a test" and the browser will
       display the page located at ""
            Below is an example
	Mama's Users!

    <center></center> This tells the browser to center whatever is between 
       the two tags.  This can be a picture or text.
         Example %lt;center><img src=""></center>
         This would center the picture left and right, but not up and down.
    <font size=+1 color="red" face="helvetica">This is a test </font>
       This example tells your browser what size, color and font type to use 
       until the closing tag(</font>)  
	"This is a test" will look like this on the screen:
		This is a test
	 size is a value between -4 and +4 
		(also any numeric value between 1 and 10)
	 color is the selected color, this can be in hexidecimal form(#00ff00)
		or in standard color form red, blue, yellow, green, etc...
	 face is the font type.  Face is touchy.  Any font you select must be on 
		the users computer also, or it will default to a different font.
		I recommend leaving this be for a while.
	The </font> is the tag that tells the browser to stop using these
		settings for the font and go back to the default values.

    <br> is the tag to go to the next line.
		ie  if you typed
			Hi <br> How are you?
		this would give you an output of
			How are you?
    <hr> gives you a solid line like this

<hr width=50%> gives you a solid line like this
Last thing is the location I was talking about. If your homepage is at Then that is a full location. If you have a picture in the same direcory as your html file, then you can use <img src="picture.jpg"> and that will work. Or if your picture is in a directory called pics, you could just use <img src="pics/picture.jpg"> and if your html file is in a directory called funstuff and your picture is in the directory right below that, then use <img src="../picture.jpg"> the ".." tells the browser to look one directory below the current location for the picture. It is all confusing at first, but if you play with it a little at a time, You will eventually get the hang of it.