The People of 
Honolulu and Oahu:

Fort DeRussy to the Koolau mountains, a panoramic view.

The Hawaiian Islands

Location: Hawaii is made up of  eight major islands located 2600 miles southwest from the continental United States.

Climates:  It has widely varying climates ranging from high elevation snow capped mountains, steaming jungles, arid desert and pristine beaches.

Geographic development: Hawaii was formed over several millions years ago by tectonic plate activity,  caused by a volcanic hot spot in the Pacific Ocean. Volcanoes are still active in Hawaii today.

Discovery:  It was discovered by migrating islanders 2,000 years ago.

Language:  The Hawaiian language is a dialect of the Polynesian tongue.  The alphabet has only 12 letters, A. E. I. O. U. H. K. L. M. N. P. &W.  Every Hawaiian word ends in a vowel.


People:  Three-fourth's of Hawaii’s population of 85,000 residents live in Oahu.  The capital city, Honolulu, is a sophisticated multi-cultural city and a true melting pot of people of Polynesian, Chinese, Japanese, European, and Mainland ancestry.  There are more interracial marriages than anywhere else in the world !

Attraction:  The northern region of Oahu has beautiful and endless beaches, and the world’s biggest waves that sometimes reach up to 30 feet.  It is the most popular island for visitors, and there are many famous places such as Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head, and Aloha Tower.  It is the center of nightlife activity , containing the international Market Place, and Honolulu 200.  It also contains the Polynesian Cultural Center, the Pearl harbor Memorial and Hanauma Bay.

Product:  One of the famous products from Hawaii is Dole’s pineapple.  In 1899, James Dole arrived in Hawaii; in 1900, he established his pineapple plantation in the Wahiawa area of Oahu.

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