Personal Impression :

    My mother always thought that Hawaii was a tourist trap or for people who had too much money. After being there for twelve hours, she was saying, "When we come back...."
    Honolulu, Hawaii's state capital has long been a tourists' and honeymooners' paradise. The white sand beaches and world famous hotels draw people from near and far. Surfers flock to the North Shore during the winter season to conquer the infamous Sunset Beach and Waimea Bay. There is much to see and do in a mesmerizing place such as Hawaii. A person can spend hours watching clouds pass over the mountains or searching for an infinite rainbow that seems to end everywhere.
Hawaii holds a newcomer's attention.
    When a person is standing, bathed in sunlight while it is raining not even a mile away, they have to know that they are in the midst of heaven on earth. Hawaii is made up of eight major islands 2,600 miles from Sand Francisco. Even though the islands cover a small area, they have a widely varying climate. Kauai has a spot that is the wettest place on earth. There is also a ski lodge on one of Hawaiiis mountain tops. The youngest island, Hawaii, is famous for its still active volcanoes, Mauna Loa and Kilauea.
There are six major islands:
            * Oahu - The Gathering Place
            * Kauai - The Garden Isle
            * Maui - The Valley Isle
            * Molokai - The Friendly Isle
            * Hawaii - The Big Island
            * Lanai - The Pineapple Isle

 My first impression of Hawaii
    by Kristen Inlow

    The first impression of Hawaii is always the best. I walked out into the daylight from the porch of our first floor condo onto lush grass that lead to a small white sand beach. It looked out onto an ocean of beautiful light blue water and an amazing view. The palm trees were swaying in the light breeze which whipped my hair playfully. I turned around to look at the mountains behind me and watched the clouds pass over them and thought, "This is paradise." I had been there less than twelve hours.
     I went around the whole first day smiling. The weather, ocean, sand and just the sounds and smells intrigued me. I wanted to see and do everything. The islands have an ability to liven up anyone from a long plane trip. The first ting we did was go parasailing, where we could see the leeward side of the island. Then we went south in a sub, 25 feet to the ocean floor. We saw coral and all types of fish. We ate at all types of places, including Duke's and a few places only locals know about. We traveled to see the outlandish hotels in Maui, where one night costs $300 and they have a water elevator for their guests. The physical area of Hawaii is astonishing because of its differences. In Indiana, we don't have anything that Hawaii has.
    When it is a nice day out in Indiana, I close my eyes and try to imagine that I am sitting on the beaches of Waikiki or the North Shore and the waves are crashing on the shore. That is how much I loved my visit to Hawaii. In a week, you cannot fit in everything that you want to do. The sites that I saw in the week I was there made me want to visit my sister every chance I can get.
Hawaii is a state that is full of wonder and attracts everyone to its marvelous location. The astonishment of the islands keeps the tourist business up and the population rate growing. Hawaii is a place that cannot be described on paper or in a speech. Simple words aren't good enough. The only way to fully experience Hawaii is to be there and to do everything it has to offer.