The History of Chinese Population in Hawaii

Hawaii is made up by variety of population; Chinese is the largest population that is creating Hawaii's unique culture and society.

1778:  Captain Cook, the first non-Polynesian discovered the island.  The news reached England, British ships with Chinese crewmen abroad called at Hawaiian ports.  These crewmen were the first Chinese residents.

1800&1850: A few Chinese came from South China.  The most successful of these pioneers became sugar plants and traders in the main port towns such as Honolulu, Lahaina, and Hilo.

1850-1898:  46,000 Chinese came to Hawaii and because of strong emphasis on education, they earned high opportunities on employment and nearly three-forth of them were employed in higher-level jobs that were proprietary and managerial, and professional.  As a result, today, their income is the highest median of all ethnic groups in Hawaii.

1950:  Most of Chinese men were employed in Honolulu alone.  At present, 95% of all Chinese live in Honolulu and other urbanized areas of Oahu.  This large proportion of island-born Chinese families are rice plantation entrepreneurs, independent farmers, craftsman, merchants, and so on.  Many of them are now 5th & 6th generation island-born.

Hawaii's Gateway-Chinatown

It is located within only 15-block area, but visitors can experience variety of best describes and part of Hawaii's rich history.  The population is not only made by Chinese but also Vietnamese, Laotian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino, Hawaiian, and Korean, and they work together.