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Signal Mounting Adapters
Installation Procedure

Require tools:

  • Small needle nose pliers
  • Small diagonal cutter or edge cutter for trimming resistors leads
  • Small soldering iron with a small tip no more than 10 – 20 Volts capacity
  • Super glue
Assembling the Board:
  1. Hold the resistor leads with the needle nose pliers and bend them at 90 degrees and then insert them through the proper holes in the wiring board as shown in the figure below
Signal Mouting Adapter, Assembling the Board

2. All the resistors are installed in the same manner and their leads go up the back of the wiring board.

3. Then you can turn the board and then solder all of the leads to the back of he board.

4. Once the board is set, insert the signal mass thriugh the hole into the base plate near the end of the wiring board where they are going to be attached.

Four Leads
5. The figure shows base of the color light signal and the four leads from it. Trim the leads about half inch long, trip them and solder them in the correct holes in the wiring board.

6. To install the signal on your model railroad you will need to do by drilling a three quarter inch diameter hole along the side of the track where you want the signal mounted.

7. A three quarter inch allows you to drop the wiring board down through the hole. You will install the signal from above making it easy.
Signal Mounting Adapter
Signal MountingAdapter
The Signaling Solution, Inc. PO Box 25, West Terre Haute, IN 47885