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Signal Mounting Adapters
We offer two kinds of Signal Mounting Adapter namely the Single Head Adapter kits and the Double Head Adapter Kits.
Sigle Head Adapter
  • Color Position light signals and Search Light signals each come with a signal base which is square circuit board that is designed to mount signal right below the signal and allows to attach the signal to your lay out. It has a wiring board to hold any resistors or diodes that is needed for signals.
  • Attachment points are provided for the signal wires and the cable to go back to the signal control board.
  • The Signal Mounting Adapters can be used with any brand of signals and can used with signals that are light rather than LEDs.
  • Our Signal Mounting Adapter is compatible with all scales, doesn’t matter if the signal adapter is N scale or O scale or G scale.
  • The wiring boards need not be changed at all.
  • Single head comes with 3 resistors and you need with red, yellow and green LEDs
Single Head Signal Mounting Adapter
Double Head Adapter
  • The color position light Signal Mounting Adapter comes with 6 resistors and so than these resistors 6 resistors can be wired to the 6 LEDs, each with a separate resistor.
  • The search light Signal Mounting Adapter comes with 2 resistors and is designed to specifically work with our Master Signal Controller (MSC).
  • It will handle either with 3 pin LED version of the signal or the 2 pin LED version, wiring instruction of the packaging will describe any changes you have to make based on what signal you have.
Double Head Signal Mounting Adapter
The Signaling Solution, Inc. PO Box 25, West Terre Haute, IN 47885