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Grade Crossing Protection
GCC (Grade Cross Controller)

The GCC Grade Crossing Controller is the latest and most complete grade crossing scene controller available. The Grade Crossing Controller is a module which completely controls highway grade crossing protection equipment. It works with layouts using Command Control, DC or AC control systems for operating trains, and can be used in any scale. The GCC is the master unit, and only one GCC is needed for a grade crossing. As the master, the GCC provides train detection for the first of the tracks, and controls all of the scene operation.

The Grade Cross Action
GCX (Grade Cross Expander)

The Grade Crossing Expander is used to add additional tracks to the grade crossing. Up to seven GCX modules can be added to a single GCC to have the gates and flashers operate properly for a grade crossing with up to 8 tracks.

The GCC performs train detection of the first track, controls the gates and cross-bucks, and generates an audio output with the bell sound. Each GCX performs train detection on an additional track and sends messages to the GCC that indicate the need for cross-buck, bell and gate action.
GCX Action