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GCX (Grade Cross Expander)

     The Grade Crossing Expander is used to add additional tracks to the grade crossing. Up to seven GCX modules can be added to a single GCC to have the gates and flashers operate properly for a grade crossing with up to 8 tracks.

     Your GCX Grade Crossing Expander is used to add an additional track to a grade crossing controlled by our GCC Grade Crossing Controller. The GCC performs train detection of the first track, controls the gates and cross-bucks, and generates an audio output with the bell sound. Each GCX performs train detection on an additional track and sends messages to the GCC that indicate the need for cross-buck, bell and gate action.

     The first GCX sends its messages directly to the GCC over a single pair of wires. As you add an additional GCX board, it will send its messages to the previous GCX for forwarding to the GCC. Thus, should you create a crossing with 8 tracks, the 8th track’s GCX will send its messages to the 7th track’s GCX, which will forward them to the 6th track’s GCX, and so on, with all messages eventually reaching the GCC.

    The following list of features is provided by your GCX. A GCX performs all of the functions of the GCC except for gate and cross-buck control, and bell sound generation.

The GCX will provide train detection for additional tracks after the first track in your grade crossing scene.

• Train detection by current sensing - your GCX will see your train no matter how long or short or how twisted your track is in the blocks.
• Works with your layout control system - use DC Cab control or Digital Command Control, or even AC – your GCX will work with any of them.
• When merged with your train detection and signaling system, the GCX will combine its train detection with the overlapping signaling blocks and output both OCCUPIED and VACANT status for the merged blocks- you can operate two aspect signals with no additional hardware.
• Uses the GCC Power supply
• Output flexibility - you can operate LED’s, incandescent bulbs or relays
• Modularity – add one additional GCX Grade Crossing Expander for each additional track crossing the road, to a total of 8 tracks.
• Furnished assembled and tested - no need to understand electronics. Use the mounting hardware and card edge connector included with each unit, and follow the instructions, and you will have a state of the art train detection and grade crossing control system. Just add the GCC, gates, crossbucks and loudspeaker of your choice.

The GCX User's manual is now available for free download on our website.
GCX Board
The GCX Board