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The Grade Crossing Controller is a module which completely controls highway grade crossing protection equipment. It provides the following features:
  • Detects trains in the track sections approaching the grade crossing, and the section of track across the road itself
  • Starts flasher outputs, activates gate lower outputs, and starts the bell sound audio output when the train enters an approach block
  • Activates the gate raise signal as the train crosses the road. Stops the bell sound and the flasher outputs when the gates are raised
  • Can be used with or without operating crossing gates
  • Combines the internal train detection with external train detection to include the grade crossing blocks in a larger block for trackside signaling purposes
  • Expandable to a total of 8 tracks crossing the road
  • Manual raised and lower inputs to allow the crew to operate the gates when the train is stopped
  • Accessory available to display the speed of a train as it passes the road
  • The GCC User's manual is now available for free download on our website.
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