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The BD16HC Block Occupancy Detector, high current, has all of the features as the BD16, except that the current per block is 6 amps.

  • Detects trains in up to 16 separate blocks, up to 3 amps/block
  • Provides OCCUPIED and VACANT outputs for each block
  • Works with DC or Command Control
  • Detects by monitoring current to each block
  • Directly operates LED's using the power supply included
  • Can also operate bulbs, relays to output logic signals to other circuitry
  • Outputs can switch 200 milliamps at up to 16 volts DC
  • Furnished completely assembled, with power supply and mounting hardware
  • Built in self-test functions to assist in installation and trouble shooting
  • Includes 50+ page manual with tutorial and complete installation instructions
    (The user's manual is now available for free download on our website)