Dr. Rasikbhai P Gandhi Medical Foundation
A-1, Jineshwar Darshan,
Navroji Lane,
Ghatkopar (West), Mumbai 400 077
Dedicated web site for his charity foundation.

Addressed to fellow brothers and sisters in United States of America

I would like to share certain information about the trust with you.

*** Man Behind The Trust ***

Dr. Rasikbhai P Gandhi general practioneeer practising in Ghatkopar since year 1965. Man with a purpose to help the underpriviledged and lower middle class in their time of need. Man who in today's times where even new doctors charge heavily provides at Rs 3/-day (even that is not compulsory for those who cannot afford to pay) and attends approximately 300 to 400 patients a day. Man ever willing to help the needy and who is respected for his integrity and social services rendered.

*** Idea ***

In appreciation of Dr. Rasikbhai P Gandhi's efforts in medical and social field in Mumbai and especially in Ghatkopar, the residents of Ghatkopar held a function to felicitate Dr. Rasidbhai P Gandhi for his services rendered in the medical and social field at Paramkeshavbaug Hall, Ghatkopar on 18th Jan 98 where about a 1000 persons attended. The meeting was presided over by Dr. J J Vyas - an eminent cancer specialist. It was during the meeting that Dr. J J Vyas raised the problemas of students from the lower middle class families who found it difficult to pay the fees charged by medical institutions (approx Rs 7000/- per term plus other charges). Here Dr. Rasikbhai P Gandhi took the lead and announced creation of a trust for the purpose of providing scholarship to deserving candidates and providing free medical facilities to the poor. Before the fuction ended Rs 3,25,000/- approx was promised by eminent citizens as their contribution towards the trust.

*** Objective ***

The broad objective of Dr. Rasikbhai P Gandhi Medical Foundation is to provide scholarship to needy and deserving candidates for advanced studies in the medical field to provide medical relief free or at cost to the needy and underpriviledged class in our society in form of free medicine, subsidised operations etc.

*** Appeal ***

We on behalf of Dr. Rasikbhai P Gandhi Medical Foundation (A trust managed by nine trustees) appeal to our fellow brothers and sisters to contribute generously to the trust. The trust is registered and contribution to the trust shall qualify for educations under section 80-G of the income tax act, 1961. Receipts along with 80-G deduction certificates shall be sent as early as possible.

Drafts in name of "Dr Rasikbhai P Gandhi Medical Foundation" and payable at "Mumbai" should be sent to the registered address mentioned overleaf.

For Dr. Rasikbhai P Gandhi Medical Foundation


Dedicated web site for his charity foundation.