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The "Ball Animation Applet" demonstartes InterAppletCommunication. It consists of three separate applets. The ball applet does InterAppletCommunication with the two neighbour applets and trigger the two to react when the ball is towards their edge. The animation could be stopped and restarted by mouse click on the ball applet with the ball moving in the initial right moving direction.
"The Voting Applet" that demonstrates udp socket programming. It needs the server to run simultaneously to respond to the socket connection and update the database and send the results back to the client. The server updates the vote count and maintains a list of host wise votes.
"The Minimal Spanning Tree Applet" that demonstrates the minimal spanning tree algorithm of Graph Theory. This needs you to mouse click random points and then press the "make tree" button to make the tree. On pressing the "clear" button it lets you redraw a tree.
"The Polygon Intersection Applet" that demonstartes the convex hull algorithm. This generates 2 simple closed curve polygons from random points, makes convex hull polygons, computes their intersection if any, and dispalys the polygons in random colors. When mouse clicked detects the polygon in which the point lies and updates the status bar.
"The Convex Hull Applet" that is an intermediate step to "The Polygon Intersection Applet".
"The Polygon Applet" that is an intermediate step to "The Convex Hull Applet".
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