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Hi  there and welcome to my little corner on the Web. At last I have a chance to contribute something to the rest of the world. Knowing that one of the greatest things in life is to be able to share information with other people as you move on in life...The idea of designing a Web Page was always on my mind ever since the internet was globalized, but I have never wanted it to be dull, and since my class had to submit a personal home page I did this... Anyhow I hope you like it.

About Myself
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Hi, my name is Majdeddine Mahmoud Zaher, I am a palestinian. I was born in Tripoli- Libya in the year 1978. It was in 1979 when I moved to United Arab Emirates (U.A.E). It was there that I lived most of my life. I am currently in the United States of America, preparing my Bachelors of Science in  Management Information Systems (MIS) and minoring in Computer Science at Indiana State University, Terre HauteI play different kinds of sports, one sport which I really enjoy  playing  the most is volleyball for the  Indiana State University team.

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You can e-mail me at....

Majdeddine Zaher
Indiana State University
101 Crawford St. Apt # 201
Terre Haute, In 47807