What is Science Fantasy?

Science Fantasy Defined

Science fantasy is a fiction genre that contains elements of both fantasy and science fiction.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is Science fantasy a type of science fiction?
Technically, no. Science fantasy is actually a super-set of science fiction. It is possible to see any science fiction as science fantasy but not all science fantasy can be considered science fiction.
What is epistemology?
This is a term from philosophy that is often one of the themes of a science fantasy story. It means the study of what we know and how we know it.
What is ontology?
Another term from philosophy that occurs as a theme of science fantasy. It is the study of the nature of human existance.
What are some common elements in science fantasy?
What is the estrangement effect?
The estrangement effect is the process of making some part of our known world unusual in such a way that makes us look at things differently. This effect is very common in science fiction and science fantasy. In science fantasy, our own knowledge and existance is made strange and because the science fantasy world is different in that respect it brings epistomology and ontology into the picture.

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