The story "Feather Tigers," by Gene Wolfe is a very unusual science fantasy story. It is definately under the category of science fantasy, but it has the elements of alternate society and alien encounter as well. This makes the story somewhat hard to follow at times. The story takes place over in eastern Asia, right around the Vietnam area. In the beginning of the story, humanity is treated as the alien which creates a rather bazaar setting. Something disasterous has happened and it appears to be the destruction of the ecosystem. As a result of this, humanity faces destruction. This is what gives the story its science fantasy characteristics. The natural law of human existence is being destroyed, or is destroyed, and that is what creates the science fantasy story. At the end of the story, the dark eyes of the feather tigers are actually eyes of humans. This is another example of science fantasy. Even though the alien encounter and alternate society are present throughout "Feather Tigers," the underlying fact is that science fantasy dominates this story.

The story, "Gather Blue Roses," by Pamela Sargent is a science fantasy story that takes place in the northeastern part of the United States. It is about a jewish family, or at least the mother was once jewish, that lives up in the isolated hills of the northeastern United States. They reside up there because the mother has flashbacks of here early life as a young jewish girl. This lady was deeply effected by the Nazi camps and rules that she had to follow throughout her youth. The story describes her two children and their attitudes and personalities as a result of their half sane mother. The fantasy aspects of the story is the personalities of the two children. The two children have sort of this telepathy type of personalities, they feel each others pain. The story is quite short but it describes the two children and how they feel each others pain. This is what makes the story a fantasy.

Robert Schable