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Computer Science

ISU Department of Mathematics and Computer Science- It's about time someone finally got this one going!
Science/Computer_Science/ Yahoo's Listing on CS

CS Departments at other Universities

Science/Computer_Science/Institutes/ Yahoo's listing of various CS departments in the US and around the world.
Indiana University-Computer Science
Purdue University-Dept. of Computer Sciences

Other Computer Related Links

Hardware Central- Highly recommended if you have any problems with upgrading/installing hardware.

ACCU- Association of C & C++ Users

Miscellaneous Links
The Shopping Planet - Some good deals on hardware, software, and other stuff.
The Loser Living Upstairs - HEY! I've got neighbors just like this!!
Hilary Clinton's Hair - I can't believe that someone would take the time to make this one! Check it out... it's pretty strange!!
Worlds, Inc. - Home of Worlds Chat. Worlds Chat blends together a graphic 3-D world similar to Doom with a chat environment simlar to IRC. Although in its infancy, it's worth taking the time to download the client software and installing it just to see what it's about.
c/net - I found out about Worlds Chat from c/net's feature on chat worlds. Here you will find many interesting articles on the Internet and several links to other interesting sites.
Yahoo - Home of probably the best Internet directory on the Web. Chances are, if it's on the Net it's on Yahoo.
Figlet Service - This link points to a server that lets you input a line of text like this -

And returns output like this -
_    ____ _  _ ____ _  _ ____ _  _
|    |  | |  | |___ |\/| |__| |\ |
|___ |__|  \/  |___ |  | |  | | \|

NOTE! The above snippit of pre-formatted text may not appear correctly on your browser. If it looks wrong, try changing to a different font for pre-formatted text.

This is helpful in making .signature and .plan files. There are also several Figlet related links on Yahoo.
Netscape - Makers fo one of the best web browsers around. They also provide tips on HTML in relation to use with the Netscape browser.
Jihad to Destroy Barney - Need I say more? DIE! DIE! DIE!
Mentos - The Freshmaker! - Everything you ever wanted to know about Mentos... and then some!
These are some assorted home pages that have been created by my friends.
The Abyss (Jason Alsip)- My demented brother.
Expert's Exploration of Computers (Andy Pflueger)
The Forge(Beau Weger)
The Home Page of Andrew Killion (AKA Wiseguy)
Todd Hudson
The Savage Land (Mike Daniels)
Eric McCormick
Matt Bond
Rand Walden

Jonathan R. Alsip
Created: November 13, 1995
Last Modified: August 30, 1996