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Welcome to the home page of Jonathan R. Alsip (a.k.a Loveman). This is a new version of my main page. I was not satisfied with the old version, so I re-did it. The structure that I have established for this new page is, I believe, more consistant with my web design philosophy. I try to keep a clear distinction between professional and personal material that is being maintained on this page. Anything that I feel does not belong into either catagory I have placed under Miscellany (if that is a word). I will probably redo the title image as well in the near future.

NOTE: Any and all information hence provided is subject to change.
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  • Links
    Various links I find of interest.
  • Linux
    My OS of choice.
  • Science Fantasy
    This page was created as a final project in a science fiction literature class.

Jonathan R. Alsip
Created: 4 October, 1995
Last Modified: December 18, 1997