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I think I could beat Jackie Chan in a fair fight!! But Jackie and I are tight like brothers so why bother??

This page is not endorsed or supported by Marvel or DC Comic in any way, and any pictures and names used on this page have been placed here without their permission. ka' now on with the page...

As you see, this page is still growing. I have been very busy in the last couple of weeks, but I am still making time to change the page.

Hi Mom!! I am busy making changes to my page!!

Welcome guest number

I already have in the works a BIG change in store for this page. New and Improved and lots of added stuff like colors and flavors. I am sure you get the idea. I also have to get a rather large collection of pictures for a picture page. If you have any suggestions as to who or what you would like to see in this page, drop me a line and let me know. I will have everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, 'nuff said. I will post a link to the page as soon as I find out when it will go up. It is awesome!! Oh, and to the owner of a red Dodge Stealth, you left your lights on. hehehe.....More SOON..'krawler.

Links found on this page...

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  • A link to Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)!
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  • One of my good friends, Jason's Page o' Lush :)!

    Let me know....

    what to add, what to remove, any suggestions.

    Stay tuned.....More good stuff to come really soon!!!

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