Movies, and Mischief
This is stuff that I like; you know, favorite movies, music, and miscellaneous things .I've also included some of the things I've done because, of course, I consider them to be great stuff too.

Here are a few of my drawings that have been scanned in.

    "Morning", pastels, 18"x24"                       I really like this sketch but
                                                                              I find drawing tedious - so
                                                                              maybe one day I'll finish it.

There will be more stuff here as soon as I get them scanned in. (The scanner is unplugged and under some junk - the room got moved around and too lazy to hook it back up.) Later, I'll throw in some Bryce stuff and maybe some AVI's too. I've been very busy working in Director and Photoshop.  If I ever get a break from classes and work, maybe I can even work on my web pages (I know they suck!).

One of my favorite modern artists is Michael Whelan.  I have several books containing his work, but alas, I cannot as yet afford to purchase a print.  The painting shown below is entitled "The Snow Queen".  Click on the image to view a larger image.  Notice the quality of the skin - it looks so real!


Hey, maybe I'll put some of my avi's here one day.  Until then, here are some links to my favorite movies.  I must put my disclaimer here:  THERE WILL BE NO TITANTIC REFERENCES.  I  was forced to go see "Titantic" by someone (who obviously has a vow of revenge toward me) and I was one of the few in audience screaming "SO die already!!!".  It was one of the most tedious movies I've ever sat through....nearly as painful as watching "Brave Little Toaster".  There will be no references to the girly-man who starred in it as well. The acting was fine and I would have enjoyed the characters in another movie, just not THAT movie.  I go to movies to be ENTERTAINED!  I want a story outside my realm of experience or everyday events.  I don't particularly like period pieces or movies that have the title "Bridges in Madison County".

- Granted this is not considered Oscar material (for that, a movie must have one or all of the following elements:  pre-20th century costumes, Liam Neeson,  sackcloth, ashes, gnashing of teeth and breast-beating, or a particulary successfull PR team) but it was a lot of fun and was visually wonderful.  The soundtrack was really interesting, especially the diva song.  Click on the Fifth Element logo to visit the Gaumont  site.

I really liked this movie alot.  The aliens were nasty....a very deadly enemy.

My favorite Christmas (and anytime) movie.  I LOVE movies that seem like kid movies but are really for adults.

- Another Twisted Tim Burton film.  Silly, silly, silly!!!

Other movies that I really recommend watching: Twister, Independence Day, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Arrival, Contact, Stargate, Star Wars series, Close Encounters of a Third Kind, As good as it Gets, Armaggedon, Dune, Bladerunner, The Abyss, Beauty and the Beast, Priscillla -Queen of the Desert, Poltergest, Better off Dead, Ballroom Dancing and most of the Star Trek series (although I was relieved that William Shatner won't be in any more...a nasty actor!!!).