I miss the 80's!!! That was when alternate music was new and really sounded alternative and NEW WAVE ruled!  PUNK!  I did like a lot of the "pop" groups like Duran Duran, but I really liked the stuff that didn't get played on the mainstream radio stations (at least in my home town). There are songs here and there from the 60's that I liked, but in my opinion, the 70's was a music wasteland (except for some of the punk stuff like Patti Smith). Disco sucked then, it sucks now, and it will ALWAYS suck. And rock music…what happened there? If I ever hear a Bachman Turner Overdrive song again, I suspect my head will explode. Face it, any decade that offered up "Muskrat Love" and polyester certainly deserves to be glossed over in the history books. So far, the 90's hasn't been too bad - Chumbawumba is pretty dammed good. At any rate, the only groups mentioned on this page are ones that I think were (and still are) worth listening to over and over again.

My FAVORITE 80's band without a doubt is Men Without Hats.  They're lyrics are sometimes silly but their sound is catchy and makes me want to frolic about. For a list of Men Without Hats links, click HERE.

Erasure - One of the best musical groups of the 80's and still maintains popularity. To visit a nice Erasure site, click HERE.

Souixsie and the Banshees - Peepshow is the best. Check out the main site here.

Trans X - Only did one album that I know of, Living on Video. This has acutally been re-released this year so now I own the Cd and can throw away that really old ratty tape!

Depeche Mode - The best way to describe Depeche Mode is DARK, but what a sound.

B52's - I really like Wild Planet.  "Dirty Back Roads" is a great cruising song. Click HERE to sample some of there music. Visit the official B52's web site.

New Order - Lots of synthesizers. Click here to sample  "Power,  Corruptions and Lies" cd.

Mike Oldfield - A musical genuis. For those of you unfamilar with Mike Oldfield, his most popular and noted piece of music was the theme from the Exorcist from his first album, Tubular Bells.  Tubular Bells was completed when Mike was 17 - impressive work too!  I particularly like Plantinum. I have been able to collect most of his work outside of rare or bootleg stuff. VisitTubular Web or Tubular Places to find out more information.

Kate Bush - She has a very interesting voice and a very different sound. Not for people who like the humdrum female singer.  Click here to visit one of the extensive Kate Bush sites.

Dead or Alive- You may have heard their most popular song, "You Spin me Around like a Record" in the Wedding Singer.  Good dance music (beware if you visit some of their sites - they are weird!) Click the album title to sample the album "Youthquake" at Tunes.com

Oingo Boingo - This group was lead by Danny Elfman, one of the most entertaining musicans I've heard.  He has done numerous movie scores, so you've heard his work if you saw pictures such as Batman, Nightmare before Christmas,Weird Science Scrooged, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, BeetleJuice, Good Will Hunting, etc.  He also did the theme for "Tales from the Crypt" . Check out this Oingo Boingo site.

Other 80's groups to explore: Devo, Talking Heads, Lenny Lovich, Julian Pop, Midnight Oil,  Smithereens, INXS, Roxy Music.

A great place to go to sample sounds is TUNES.COM.  You can hear excerpts from an artist before buying a CD, which makes it easier to decide how to spend your money.

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