Here are some links to some of my favorite topics/pages:
(Actually, these are just URL's I could remember.....)


Lothorian's Zone 47 - Michael Christopher, artist:  This gallery has samples of my roommate's artwork.  Most of it is done in Bryce...impressive! This is part of the Elfwood site which hosts many types of science fiction and fantasy artists.

Mike's Home Page:  More of Mike's work.

Michael Whelan Gallery:  A big collection of works by Michael Whelan, the reknown science fiction artist.  His work is beautiful and I am constantly amazed he uses only acrylics to paint with!  See my Sights and Sounds page for a look at my favorite painting by the artist (hey, if anyone wants to buy me a present, I'd sure like a print of this painting!)


Hubble photo's:  This site has a lot of  great images that have been released to the public from the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Nasa's Home page:


The Coffee Shop:  A site for programmers. Has some object-oriented stuff.

The Java Programming Language: Has alot of info and references on Java.


Dathka's Home Page:  This is my wonderful dog's very own home page.  If you go to DOGCHOW.COM, you can get a page for your own dog.

Comedy Central's South Park:  What else is there to say but that it's one of the funniest shows on television.

Comedy Central's Absolutely Fabulous site:  One my favorite comedies...outrageous and tasteless!